Shared Corporate Cullture

Thierry Desanois

President of SCECBU
Ethics wg: report of the videoconference March 22, 2021 – Interview of Roman Schremser

Towards a Shared Corporate Culture ?
It is up to all of us to decide !

Corporate culture is one of the important topics to be discussed in a number of instances. Why?
Because the footprint of this common corporate culture project is growing in our respective central banks without any real dialogue with the social partners.
That’s why the SCECBU decided to create a working group specifically dedicated to promote a shared corporate culture, but certainly not a minimal policy and not at any price!
What is a Corporate Culture? According to us, Corporate Culture is a « tricky beast »:
on one hand everybody seems to know what it is, yet when it comes to defining it most people feel at a loss.
Academic writing is full of definitions of « culture » in general and « corporate culture » in particular ,each of them bringing to the focus another aspect of the phenomenon. Each of them being right and true!
Thus, when it comes to working on the « common corporate culture » (as in the mindset within the ESCB) there are several difficulties of defining it within the European System of Central Banks.
Firstly, culture itself is rather an abstract term: in the first instance everything we do or come into touch with is somehow related to culture if we mean corporate culture.
Despite these obvious difficulties, we should keep it simple and apply the ideas of desired culture as a leadership tool and a framework to reach and enhance the « common shared view or mind set » about the way we do things throughout the ESCB.