Social Benefits wg

Why a Social Benefits wg?

SCECBU set up a Working Group to investigate and gather as much information as possible so that we could share a comprehensive view of benefits and working conditions provided by central banks across Europe.

As the economic crisis started to unfold during the first decade of the 3rd millennium, in which lots of central banks, due to reputational risks, cut or froze salaries of their employees, achieving and/or maintaining good working conditions and social benefits has become an extremely important goal for our colleagues.

The lesson learnt, and the effects of those years on our salaries and pensions, has made us aware that collecting and sharing information related to benefits in central banks can identify the best practices that could be used as an example for improving and/or introducing benefits in those central banks that still do not have them.

By exchanging information and practices, and comparing them, we can help each other and make all of us more efficient and effective in negotiations with our banks.

Examples of areas of focus for the group include working conditions for central bank employees, health insurance and pensions, and facilities for union-related activities.